What the basket?!

i’’ve lost count of the days, everyday seems the same to me. Anyways, back to the topic. it was by pure luck that i happened to see an ongoing space between harvest_finance Jarvis_Network & DefiBasket. i joined out of curiosity and when it ended, defibasket sounded interesting enough for me to have a 2nd look at and try it for myself. If you’ve followed me, you know i’m a huge fan of indexes/indices whatever the right term you wanna use.

What is it though?

To put it simply, it allows you to build your own index or copy 1 that already exists. And make the experience quite seamless. But with a twist. Im a big fan of PieDAO & their pievaults and defibasket has something similar here. The underlying assets that your index is comprised of will generate yield(you can see if its in a vault when choosing your assets).

I am kinda jealous because i remember saying it sometime last year that there could be a market for this.

I was playing around with just trying different stuff to see how it works. And came across an issue. Which was then solved rather quickly after reporting it in the discord. Which leaves a good impression of the team.

It’s only far that i reserve to make judgements on it since i have only played with it for a few days + im sure im missing plenty of other features & this is definitely not meant as a deep dive. I could see it taking off since constantly meddling with it wont kill you with gas. Right now, i am trying to put together my own & monitor it for a couple months.

Wait, maybe i’ve found my niche. Maybe i’m the index guy?



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