Life is what you bake of it. 🥧


  • Newbies just getting into defi, limited knowledge + eeewww gas.
  • Mid tier degens wanting exposure to a sector without the hassle/costs of accumulating individual tokens + earning some passive income if its a yield-bearing asset.
  • Similar to point 1 but has deep pockets. Time is better spent elsewhere. Wants a set & forget approach.
  • Diversification.

The boat is safer anchored at the port; but that’s not the aim of boats.”



wawaweewa. great success
This was one of my earliest txn with PieDAO
Oh boy those were some good times.
Do you remember what happened here? Fun fact: Dough was airdropped to those who deposited into the PLAY ovens during its 1st bake? Ovens had an issue, the Dough was a sign of goodwill.

For shits and giggles

Ok enough, what’s your point?





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