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4 min readJan 9, 2022


This isn’t meant to be a deep dive into the mechanics of PieDAO.

There are plenty of excellent articles & tutorials written by people way smarter than me with regards to the ins & outs of the products/protocol.
Better than i ever can. The docs section of the site &

’s medium are good places to start. “Walkthrough of veDOUGH” by is a a great piece. Highly suggest you give that one a read.

  • Newbies just getting into defi, limited knowledge + eeewww gas.
  • Mid tier degens wanting exposure to a sector without the hassle/costs of accumulating individual tokens + earning some passive income if its a yield-bearing asset.
  • Similar to point 1 but has deep pockets. Time is better spent elsewhere. Wants a set & forget approach.
  • Diversification.

The boat is safer anchored at the port; but that’s not the aim of boats.”

Fun fact: I like Paulo Coelho. Though the quote might not have any correlation as to what comes next.
If i’m being brutally honest, i feel as though we’re not fully utilizing the tech that powers our products enough. I’ll mention 2, cause it’s close 4am here.


To summarize, this allows for users to collectively pool together funds by depositing ETH (0.1 min) into the oven & have their Pies “baked”. Essentially sharing the “burden” of gas fees. Do note there is still the fee involved when depositing & withdrawing your pies. Even so, this is much cheaper than buying it straight off a DEX. Did the graphic recently cause i was bored.


Another gem.
Summary: with Pievaults, the underlying assets that make up the Pie can be put to use i.e earn you yield! So, you’re double dipping. From the appreciation of the token’s value as well as any strategy that the underlying assets is deployed to.

Yeah,1 more thing. Since some of the underlying tokens are Governance tokens & has voting “rights”, though its delegated to the DAO.

It used to be dough but im assuming its now veDOUGH? Yielding you the power over multiple “empires”. Just like Borat, you can feel like a king (or queen) .

wawaweewa. great success
This was one of my earliest txn with PieDAO
Oh boy those were some good times.
Do you remember what happened here? Fun fact: Dough was airdropped to those who deposited into the PLAY ovens during its 1st bake? Ovens had an issue, the Dough was a sign of goodwill.

For shits and giggles

A couple of screenshots from 1 of old wallets. Can we get back to gas at those prices please?

Ok enough, what’s your point?

There are lots of smart people in the discord & forum. Come join in & take a look, if you have an idea that you think could help push things forward, just let it rip & let it be known.

I’ve gotten the #frenchchart bug from @lemiscate. Hope my low class ones help people. Tbh, these posts / charts come from a selfish place. I tend to grasp concepts quicker/deeper when visualized or written down.


We’ve barely scratched the surface of all the possibilities with @PieDAO . Come join the dark side!

Also, someone requested a “condensed” version.


Idk what that means but here you go.

P.S: there’s probaly a lot of mistakes. If so, apologies my dear pastry chefs!