the chonk
3 min readJan 30, 2022


A compilation of [dumb] shit that pops up in my head throughout the day, daily.

random thoughts(mostly crypto related. piedao more often than not) pop up in my head almost on a daily. there really isn’t enough time in the day to dig into everything on my list. Latest “accomplishment” was setting up and getting a gnosis validator up & running.

I’ve tend to retain info better when i actually do it than just reading about it. As in more practical than theory.

Wanted to run a validator for the longest time, shit, i was have even gladly & willingly taken a loss just to be able to run 1. Yeah, i’m a pleb who cant afford 32eth….yet?

So when the gnosis beacon chain opened up & would only take 1gno to run, i jumped at it. Was then lucky to get funded by blockscout for an additional 10 validators. i understand POS a lot better now, but still got a long way to go.

Ok, back to what this is supposed to be, the random shit that i’ve scribble down in my notes. leaving some out because i wanna try building it myself.

Maxi pie

has BCP(balanced crypto pie) which is 33% BTC 33% ETH & 33% DEFI ++. That caters to a specific demographic. What about the apes?

So the opposite of balanced? Maxi, extremist?

Eth maxi? Throw some eth, 1–2 large caps,1 “upcoming” protocol with potential that could disrupt a certain sector? Toke? 1 absolute ape mode degen risky play? Squeeth?

Market leader pie.

Say we pick 5 “sectors”(arbitrary number). Pick one that has the biggest market share, lump it into a pie.

  • DEX - UNI

Disclaimer: i havent even checked the feasability of this. So don’t clown me.

Since some of our pies comprise of governace tokens, is there a market where we could “rent” out those?? Caveat being whatever proposal the party “renting” wants to use them for has no impact or involve piedao. Whoever is borrowing sends over an agreed amount of collateral that we hold as insurance. Not sure if this even possible. Might even be stupid because i dont understand the inner workings as much yet.

Inception? PIE-ception.

And here’s one that pops up in my head the most. Pie-ception. this? Scenario: we offer 7 pies in total. Hypothetical

  • BCP
  • USD++
  • DEFI++
  • Eth-MAXI++
  • Scale(scaling solutions)
  • Pie & Poor (Obviously a play on S&P. where we track the top 20?based on a certain metric)
  • YPIE

Of course Pie-ception is the idea of a pie within a pie. With a twist. You get to pick your flavors. Eth + L2 maxi? Custom slice (geddit?) 1 scoop of Eth-MAXI++ & SCALE coming right up!

Final one

The oven is an asset. Not exactly sure of the tech behind it but lease out the oven. New protocols can make use our oven(at a cost, of course) saving their users precious eth.

Just posting it cause it’s been sitting in my notes too long.